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For over 30 years Uncle Bill has been grooming dogs and cats within the familiar sights, sounds, and smells of home. He doesn't use cages or cage dryers, and at any time during a grooming session, the humans in the family can be involved in helping their "furry friend" to feel secure.


For compassionate and expert grooming that avoids foreign-turf traumas, call Uncle Bill. YOUR PET WILL THANK YOU!




After years of taking my sweet dog to groomers in Southern Oregon, I was searching for a way for him to be groomed without all the anxiety and trauma he experiences. I found ‘Uncle Bill’s Pet Grooming In Your Home’ online and thought I’d give it a try. Bill’s demeanor is calm and he genuinely loves animals which my dog sensed immediately. It was a positive and comfortable experience for Bleu and also, one of convenience for me for the same cost I paid when driving to other groomers. Uncle Bill is the guy for Bleu from now on.


Ruthanne Holbert


I love the care and attention he provides. The prompt arrival and fair prices are great! I totally recommend him.


Susan, Atticus and Scout 


I have been using Uncle Bill's Pet Grooming service for several years. It is so much better for my cats to have him come to the house than to have to transport them to a space that is full of other animals smells and sounds. He always treats Atticus and Scout with tenderness and care and the "Lion Cut" looks wonderful. More importantly, cats are much more comfortable and cooler all summer long. And of course, there is a lot less cat hair in my home. Bill's fees are a real bargain. I highly recommend him! Susan



Mary Russell-Miller

1 review


Bill was Awesome! Our old guy, Sammy, just hates going to the groomer. He comes home totally traumatized. With Bill, he was calm and content. Our little one, Pixie, who "fights at all costs" with a pedicure was sweet and calm. Great job Bill! Will definitely be regulars!!!


Alayha McNamara

Bill has groomed our Old English Sheepdog for a few years now. He is very patient and gentle and good with our dog. And very skilled. He comes to our home and has all the equipment to make it the best possible experience. It's nice having his services available to pet owners who like to have their pets more comfortable in their own home. I would recommend him highly to any pet owner and have so already.


Randy Wilson

1 review


I have an older 93lb yellow lab with mobility issues. Bill came to my house, trimmed his nails, brushed and gave him a bath. My dog was calm and relaxed the entire time. I would recommend Bill to anyone who wants their pet to be groomed at home.


Jim Rible

1 review


Bill was amazing with my Tasmanian devil cat. My poor little kitty had matted hair tufts on his back down to his skin. Bill was very professional in removing them.




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